Nearby Attractions

  • Pattaya Beach, nearby attractions of Citrus Parc Hotel Pattaya

    Pattaya Beach

    Pattaya Beach is 3 kms long. Here, you can soak in the sun and dip into the sea while engaging in a range of watersports such as windsailing, banana boating, parasailing, kiteboarding and jet-skiing. Along the beach, you can enjoy food stalls selling seafood, drinks, and snacks while relaxing either under the sun or in the shade.

    Distance to Hotel: 15 minute drive

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  • Kaan Show

    For the first time in Thailand. A new hybrid of live action and cinema, stage performance and world-class technology. Inviting you into the world of imagination inspired by classic Thai literature, creatively adapted into 90 minutes of ceaseless wonder. The show that will make you forget every other show you’ve seen before. KAAN presented by SINGHA CORPORATION marks a new era in the history of Thailand’s entertainment industry. The extraordinary theatrical experience brings together an outstanding cast and crew of more than 600 creative professionals who together spent more than 3 years developing the project and over 2 years in rehearsals to ensure that the 90-minute spectacular show thrills and enchants its audience.

    Distance to Hotel: 1.9 km

    Opening Hours: 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm

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  • Easy access to the Beach Road from Citrus Parc Hotel Pattaya

    Beach Road

    Pattaya Beach Road gives you the option of strolling along the beach at the same time as shopping and eating, or enjoying the beachside nightlife. Running parallel to Pattaya Beach, the Beach Road follows the Pattaya Bay with one side of the road featuring shops and shopping malls selling a wide range of commodities such as clothing, swimwear, electronic gadgets, accessories, souvenirs, etc. There are numerous food and beverage outlets where you can enjoy your favorite seafood by the beachside or sunbathe with a cold beer in hand.

    Distance to Hotel: 15 minute drive

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  • Pattaya Walking Street-Things to do near Citrus Parc Hotel Pattaya

    Walking Street

    Famous for the distinctive vibrancy of Pattaya’s night life, the Walking Street comprises a variety of pubs, bars, and restaurants. It is definitely a must-visit tourist attraction. Located just on the opposite side of the Royal Garden Plaza entertainment complex.

    Distance to Hotel: 10 minute drive

    Opening Hours: 6 PM to 2 AM

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  • Central Festival Pattaya, neaby attraction of Citrus Parc Hotel Pattaya

    Central Festival Pattaya

    Central Festival is a beachside shopping mall housing up to 370 retail shops selling both high-end and street brands, an array of restaurants and dessert shops, and an entertainment complex. Not to mention other shops catering to specific needs such as electronics, eyewear, and many more. Central Festival provides all the usual facilities and resources you would find in any modern shopping mall.

    Distance to Hotel: 25 minute drive

    Opening Hours: 11.00am to 11.00pm

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  • Believe It or Not Museum-Things to do near Citrus Parc Hotel Pattaya

    Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum

    Located on the 2nd floor of Royal Garden Plaza, this unique one-of-its-kind tourist attraction sets to really amaze visitors with its interestingly bizarre collection. From a mask made from human skin to real human shrunken heads, visitors are simply questioned “Do you believe it or Not?”

    Distance to Hotel: 15 minute drive

    Opening Hours: 8:00 am to 11:00 pm

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  • Easy Kart Pattaya, things to do around Citrus Parc Hotel Pattaya

    Easy Kart Pattaya

    Easy Kart Pattaya is a Go-Kart entertainment complex that suits the more athletic traveler. Being the biggest branch of Easy Kart, there are 2 tracks with high-tech quality carts for you to race in. There are also additional facilities such as a panoramic restaurant, open bar, pool and billiard.

  • Art in Paradise, nearby attraction of Citrus Parc Hotel Pattaya

    Art in Paradise

    Art in Paradise is the only 3-dimensional art museum in Pattaya. Visitors are encouraged to take photos of themselves integrated into the creative paintings, producing fun and stunning photos with themselves as the star in various situations and environs.

    Guests at Citrus Parc Hotel Pattaya start their very own 3D art experience with wall murals of the underwater world in the hotel lobby and Palate restaurant.

    Distance to Hotel: 15-20 minute drive

    Opening Hours: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

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  • Cartoon Network Amazone, things to do around Citrus Parc Hotel Pattaya

    Cartoon Network Amazone

    A very famous cartoon channel amongst young children, Cartoon Network will soon open a fun waterpark park in Pattaya! The Cartoon Network Amazone will have 10 entertainment zones where visitors can explore and spend the entire day on high-speed water roller coasters and many other rides that will allow you to experience what you have seen on television. This attraction will have local and international food to ensure that you and your family won’t go hungry on your visit.

    Distance to Hotel: 15 minute drive

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  • Pattaya Floating Market, nearby attraction of Citrus Parc Hotel Pattaya

    Pattaya Floating Market

    The Floating Market is a great way for visitors to spend the day learning about Thai culture through personal experience! With many activities, traditional performances and a selection of shopping items from 4 different regions of Thailand (Northern, Southern, Central and Northeastern), the Floating Market is the biggest in Thailand and offers an abundance of entertainment. Here, you can buy wooden sculptures, silverware, handmade goods, Thai silk, and many more alongside local food and desserts for either personal enjoyment or as souvenirs for your family and friends.

    Distance to Hotel: 10 minute drive

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  • The Escape Hunt, things to do around Citrus Parc Hotel Pattaya

    The Escape Hunt Experience Pattaya

    Located in a plaza next to our hotel, the Escape Hunt is an exciting and challenging game to be enjoyed within a team, be with friends and family, colleagues, or even other travellers. The game is set in London 100 years back where you would have to play the part of a detective and solve mysteries at the same time as socialising with each other!

    Distance to Hotel: Next to the hotel

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  • Pattaya Park, things to do around Citrus Parc Hotel Pattaya

    Pattaya Park

    Pattaya Park offers a large variety of activities that are ideal for family vacations. Your children can either splash though the water sliders while you relax by the whirlpool with the beach view or venture to the Funny Land fun park of many rides such as the Swing Viking Ship, Slalom Roller Coaster, Musical Carousel and more. You could also take in the breath-taking panoramic view of Pattaya by taking a cable car ride or dine at the revolving restaurants on the 52-54th floors.

    Distance to Hotel: 2 minute drive

    Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

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  • Pattaya Park Night Plaza

    Pattaya Park Night Plaza

    One of the most popular night markets in Pattaya, the open-air night market features hundreds of clothes, fashion and electronics vendors. Besides that, Pattaya Park Night Plaza is also a place ideal for food lovers. Order your food and beer from any one of the surrounding vendors with everything from Thai food, seafood, burgers, steaks, sushi and many more.

    Distance to Hotel: 3 minutes walk

    Opening Hours: 12:00 pm to 1:00 am

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  • underwater-world-pattaya

    Underwater World Pattaya

    Underwater World Pattaya is a leisure attraction showcasing the rich variety of marine life found around the region. It features a 100-meter-long walk through underwater aquarium.

    Distance to Hotel: 12 minutes drive

    Opening Hours: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

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  • big buddha

    Wat Phra Yai Temple (Big Buddha)

    On the very top of Pratumnak Hill, between Pattaya and Jomtien Beach, you can’t fail to notice an enormous 18 metre tall Buddha popping up through the trees.

    Distance to Hotel: 5 minutes drive

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