Accommodation and Suites in Pattaya

Make yourself at home in our 119 furnished guestrooms.  With clean white and cool ocean tones, you can breathe easy and unwind in the comforts of modern amenities and conveniences.

Citrus Parc Pattaya - Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room

Designed for today’s traveler, the Deluxe Room offers a combination of trendy décor with modern comforts and conveniences. This type of room offers a choice of a king-sized bed or twin beds and non-smoking rooms.

Citrus Parc Pattaya - Grand Deluxe Room

Grand Deluxe Room

Situated on higher floors of the hotel and larger than the Deluxe Room, the Grand Deluxe Room is ideal for both the single traveler and couples. This room also features all the essential in-room amenities and facilities expected by the modern traveler.

Citrus Parc Pattaya - Citrus Suite

Citrus Suite

The largest room type of all, the Citrus Suite is a corner room that offers extra space along with peace and quiet in addition to the modern décor and amenities.

Citrus Parc Pattaya - Family Connecting Room

Family Connecting Room

Stay connected with your family and friends on your holiday in Pattaya! Our hotel also offers connecting rooms that connects our Deluxe King Bed and Deluxe Twin Bed together which provides all the same in-room facilities as our Deluxe Rooms for your comfort and convenience.